Ibiza Retreats

I expected a more relaxed body & mind. I never expected that I have really found a new energy that is so powerful.

We brought softness to something that hurt me. I might not have had this insight until much later if I had not come to this beautiful place.

This feeling is so enlightening, nice and beyond all expectations. I can now believe in myself and my dreams

I arrived with many questions and a heavy feeling. I leave satisfied and proud. I feel more like the dancing butterfly that I want to be. I am very much looking forward to seeing everything I take with me from this retreat to grow in my life.

I have taken the first step towards a new me with a "backpack" full of valuable things that I am very proud of!

Out of office, into your body. 

How liberating would it be: not to look forward to the moment you can switch on your Out of Office. No stomach ache on Sunday evening before the start of your workweek. Starting your day without tension. 


Do what makes you happy. Freedom. Fulfillment.

It all starts with body consciousness. The wisdom that's laying dormant in your body, ready to be revealed. 


 So that you're able to embody your Unique Self and from that place, share your talents with the world. 


We dive into your deeper consciousness, let ourselves be embraced by the magic of Ibiza and I guide you to the space of your Unique Frequency. To feel. To understand. To embody.


Get up from your desk and stand for who you are and who you want to be. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

We’re going to feel, taste and smell.

Move, be quiet and open up.

Freeing your thoughts and landing in your body with a wonderful sigh of relief.

To the place where you meet yourself again. You, at home within yourself. 

Journey with me

11-16 May, Ibiza

  • 5 nights in an authentic finca in the north of Ibiza near the sea

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner included

  • Daily Recharge House program (including bodywork, intuitive healing & sound healing)

  • Daily yoga sessions

  • Personal soul reading before the Retreat

  • Relax and recharge at magical places on Ibiza

  • Transfer to and from the airport (fixed times) and transport during the Retreat

  • Optional: energetic massage


Your investment

 (Based on a single room)

EUR 1.495