Let me guide you into relaxation

How do you really feel?

In this guided meditation I invite you to connect with your mental, physical and emotional body. With my voice and your visualization we connect with these bodies to ease discomfort and make space for what needs to be revealed.

Energetic shower

In this cleansing exercise for more energy, we locate the places in your body where the energy flow is possibly stuck. By sending energy to these places, you help your body to return to its natural state of free flowing energy.

Discover your healings hands

Specific places in your body correspond to certain emotions and organs. By placing hands on these parts of your body, you help your body to relax and rejuvenate. In this exercise you learn how to locate these parts by using your own healing hands.

Stay true to yourself

Do you recognize the feeling that you take over someone else’s energy? In this visualization you learn how to expand your energy field, stay connected to your unique frequency without losing connection with the other.